Keeping track of key decisions

There are some seriously old software projects around these days. Take SPSS which was first released in 1968 and is still updated. When a new person joins the SPSS team, how do they learn what has already been tried before? Are they bound to repeat bad ideas of the past? Is there a reference to tell them their idea was already explored and discarded in 1983?

You don’t need to have 50 years of project history to wonder how a project arrived at the status quo. Even if your project is just a few years old, new hires ask about past decisions. Often people who were on the team at the time of a decision can not recall why a decision was made the way it was made.

I have noticed that development teams seem to be focused on the future. Their process, documents, and tools are optimized for what must happen next. This is great for focusing on shipping product. After shipping, the usefulness of the documents and tools seem to crumble. They are not maintained anymore, become obsolete and outdated. It’s now difficult to recall questions that were asked and answered in 1993.

I feel that projects need scribes or archivists that track key decisions in a structured way. Their system would track key decisions and the reasons behind them. I want this system to be easily searchable to find decisions made years ago. I also want this system to be readable as prose in chronological order like a history novel. I want entries to be taggable and relatable, for example to highlight that a decision from 1997 was made obsolete by a newer decision from 2004.

I haven’t found tool support for this idea. Maybe it’s been tried and discarded but nobody kept records.

Keeping track of key decisions

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